Embrace the world of sound with hearing so improved, all you can say is, “WOW!”

    Hearing what’s going on around you, being able to follow a conversation and join in the fun of friends and family gathered together enriches life.

    Today, there's no reason to sit on the sidelines, unsure of what's being said or planned. Hearing can be improved, providing clarity and comfort, even in difficult situations like restaurants, in the car, on the phone, or talking with someone who's soft spoken.

    As hearing healthcare professionals, at A-1 Hearing Aid Service we embrace the goal of helping you, or someone you care about, hear better now. Dedicated to answering your questions, we guide you through the maze of choices offered by cutting edge research within our industry and the resulting superior technology. Tailoring options to who you are and your lifestyle’s needs, we stick with you from start to finish as you adapt to hearing the richness of life once again.

    Providing Hearing Aid Evaluations, Fitting, and Care With a Personal Touch.


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    In Rolla:  1005 N. Pine Street    (573) 368-3242

    Choosing solutions for hearing loss, hearing better in noise, or hearing aids first involves understanding
    the types of hearing loss and what options are available to remedy each.
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